How It Works?

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How It Works

How a 1031 Works

Unraveling the mystery of a 1031 exchange LLC is at the core of what we do. Here's a glimpse of the process that can potentially save you significant capital gains tax:



As you contemplate the sale of your investment property, turn to us for expert guidance.


Contract and Escrow

We assist you in entering into a contract and opening escrow to set the stage.


Identification Period

The window of opportunity to identify replacement properties that align with your goals.



Completing the exchange process, securing your new investment property.


Tax Benefits

Rejoice in a fully tax-deferred exchange, allowing your investment to grow unhindered.

Sell Vs Exchange

While selling properties is a common route, the tax-deferred exchange opens doors to an alternate avenue of growth. Expand your portfolio faster and smarter:


Real Estate Investment

Strategically select properties to build your portfolio, and consider how they align with your financial goals.

Tax-Deferred Growth

Embrace the power of deferring capital gains tax to amplify your investment potential.

Expert Guidance

We provide insights into the benefits of exchanges, guiding you towards a more prosperous future.

We Handle Exchanges in All 50 States